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About Us

About us

Brows for products without a care.

Treeblie.com was born out of a simple idea while searching for sustainable and vegan products on the market. We created a website that will make searching for these products easier. It’s a place where you don’t have to worry if the product is vegan or not. We already took care of that. All products that are listed on our website must be vegan, certified or assured by the seller.

How it works

List all your products hassle-free.

Easy to use marketplace for your business growth. Businesses of all sizes can list their products to Treeblie. The users can search by product name, categories, and sub-categories in the platform. Once they select the products, they are re-directed to the external original website where the user can buy the product. Users can not make any purchase on the website, it is just for searching and product marketing.

Treeblie is one of the most flexible, open-source platforms that focus on product search and marketing. No matter if you are a small or a medium-sized business, you can list all your products here. Our core platform is open-source that empowers everyone to list their products.

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